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The tuxedo is traditional eveningwear and made of pure wool S110's. The characteristics of the tuxedo are made of ottoman silk and include the jetted pockets, buttons, wide peak lapel and side trimming on the side of the trousers. The one button jacket has full lining and the trousers have a flat front.

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Structured shoulder

The Tuxedo's elegant profile is due in part to it's structured shoulder. Unlike an unpadded, or natural shoulder, the sharp structure of the padding gives the tux a masculine, formal silhouette and defined form.

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Silk wide peak lapel

Along with a shawl lapel, a peaked lapel is one of the main traditional lapels found on a tuxedo. Our tuxedo features a silk peaked lapel, giving it contrast next to the pure wool and adding an extra level of elegance.

Silk trimming on side of trousers

The tuxedo pants feature a thin, elegant silk line down the side seam. The subtle details shines bright when complemented by the silk lapels.

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